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Linux Credits

April 9th, 2010 subogero Comments off

I happened to activate the “Source” repos in Synaptic today and then downloaded the Linux 2.6.28 source code. Just for fun.

I also happened to have a look into CREDITS. It turned out to be an interesting read. It seems Linux comes from the happier parts of the world. Let’s see:

++ I'm proud to announce four Hungarian kernel hackers
++ But the happiest part of the Eastern Block seems to be the Czech Republic
++ The North rocks, or rather hacks (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada)
++ The bulk comes from the West (USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy)
++ Eric S. Raymond is there (a.k.a. Master Foo)
++ Japan in da house
++ The Republic of China (Taiwan) beats ...
-- ... the People's Republic of China (only one hacker for 1 billion people)
-- India, just one? Come on! (Even he is Malaysian)
-- Same for Israel. Although I always knew Haifa is the best place there
-- Absolutely zero from Islamic countries.

I have a theory about the effects the “Religion of Peace” has on the human brain. It seems to be confirmed.