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Everything Can Be Solved in Linux, Except…

August 4th, 2009 subogero Comments off

I still have a few problems I can’t solve. One is The Ubuntu-Firefox Font-Size Disaster. The whole internet is full of it, but no one seems to know the solution.

The problem is that on many web-pages the fonts are incredibly small. The funny thing is that Firefox on Windows displays theses pages perfectly. There are dodgy workarounds like overriding the web-page’s font settings or zoom in (and out, and in), but I can say only two words: Come On!

The other problem is the spacing and icon-size of the Ubuntu Main Menu. This monstrously huge and wasteful spacing even remains when I disable the menu icons altogether. Again, I found a lot of websites about themes and metacities and gtk, but I still have to figure out what these mysterious things mean. At least it all seems to be text-based, so I’ll find the solution one day…

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