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Compiz is Back

December 20th, 2014 subogero Comments off

It’s been four long years since Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. It was the perfect desktop OS. It was extremely easy to use for both mouse and keyboard junkies. And I remember showing off wobbling transparent terminal windows on a rotating desktop cube to baffled Windows and Mac fans.

And then Red Hat’s and Canonical’s brain-dead corporate fighters just had to destroy everything. Yes, step forward, William Jon McCann, project lead of the tasteless and dysfunctional Gnome 3. You don’t even know what XFCE is. If you’re interested, it is a means of survival in the dystopian world you created.

Fortunately, there were always silver linings in the clouds. Mainly thanks to Linux Mint. And now, with Linux MInt 17.1 Rebecca MATE, Compiz, our favourite compositing window manager, is back.

And what I’m most happy about is not Wobbly Windows. Not the Desktop Cube. Nor the Ring Switcher.

It’s the Place Windows plugin.

The world’s one and only sane window placement algorithm. It does not pile new windows on top of the old ones, but places them in the furthest corner of the screen to utilize real estate and keep many windows visible. Bliss.