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Why Karmic Koala Sucks 3

December 19th, 2009 subogero

Movies. Or at least one of them to be precise. I have an avi file which is played like a breeze in Jaunty, but it crashes Mplayer in Karmic immediately.

Scanners. There is no more “scanner” group, so you have to manually sudo chmod 666 the scanner device before using. Otherwise the driver simply does not detect the device. And this is a Canon scanner, where a Linux driver is kindly supplied from the factory.

On the positive side, the bloke with the scanner problem is the same colleague who nearly gave up last time. He did not. He managed to install Karmic eventually. But he will replace it with Jaunty.

There is an ever increasing ubuntu user group at the office, and the general consensus is that Karmic is to be avoided. I apologise again for the rude title, but if you’re not a kernel wizard, avoid Karmic. It is probably very nice, but one thing it is not: Linux for human beings.

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