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Desktop Goodies

October 21st, 2012 subogero


is the new go. The name of my Gnome command-line launcher clashed with a certain programming language, so I changed it. Not the programming language stupid. Mostly out of respect for probably the greatest hacker of all time who is involved in the go language. His other inventions include Unix, regular expressions, utf8 encoding and brute force. Finding out his name is left as an exercise to the reader.


Hungarian for wallpaper. I was looking for a desktop wallpaper slide show program for Linux. The best the internet could come up with was Desktop Drapes. It has a few small problems, though. You have to add every single picture manually to the list of wallpapers. Oh, and it does not work as a Startup Application. While trying to find out why, it turned out it uses mono (.NET for Linux). So everything is forgiven. I’m sure it’s the wallpaper changer of choice of Miguel de Icaza.

On the other hand, I’m a picky little bastard. I just want to pile the wallpapers-to-be into a folder, specify a cycle time, and go. And I want it to work. And I want it to be small. So I wrote one. Apart from comments and the help text, it’s a 12 line shell script. It supports Gnome2 and MATE at the moment.

Default cycle time is 10 min and the default folder is ~/Pictures. It can be changed in the ~/.tapeta configuration file.


Or rather yes. I mean it’s all about Gmail new email desktop notifications for Gnome2 and MATE. Mostly for mutt users. It looks for your Gmail login in .netrc and .muttrc. It’s a staggeringly large 18 line net shell script. The semi-transparent black notification-box lists the senders of your unread mails. The default polling time is 30min, can be changed on the command line in [s].

And it does use DOM to parse the Gmail Atom feed. Not.

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