Corporate Git – The Big Picture

July 25th, 2010


We already know Mr Bar’s machine bar.baz. Master Foo will soon follow suit and turn his foo.baz box into a small git-hub too. Not to mention the enlightened MCSE. They all have a normal repo for working and an ssh-shared bare one as an interface to the outside world. Push-pull between each other works like a breeze. General development becomes more controlled, thanks to the extremely cheap, fast and frequent private commits.

Every once in a while Master Foo and the MCSE travel to remote foreign lands where even the Corporation’s network-connectivity shows the symptoms of low bandwidth. But with Git the two merry men can commit and merge their work locally. At the end of the “Workshop” they merge at home with the main branch.

Upper management invested a lot of trust in lead developer Pearly Piton. So his repo is the official one. Mr Bar, Master Foo, the MCSE and all others push their commits into PP’s repo who, in turn, merges everything according to his great wisdom.

As the corporate IT infrastructure is in the hands of Redmond, they probably won’t set up ssh access to the servers. But don’t fret! Lead developer Pearly Piton exports his repo into a bundle, a single file, from time to time, which can be stored on the official server. The corporation’s “Intellectual Property” is preserved! By the way, you can read here and here what some great men said about “Intellectual Property”.

I can already hear the controlling department’s greedy question: Is it true that the stratospheric support and backup costs of the previous centralized SCM-mega-server will evaporate?

Yes, Sir!

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