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Welcome to #!/bin/bash

July 24th, 2009 subogero

This blog is about my adventures in the weird and wonderful world of Unix, Linux, GNU, cygwin, Ubuntu, the Bourne Again Shell, yacc, makefiles and similar terrible things.

I mean, who would not run for shelter when confronted with this:

$(MK_TMP)/%.dep: %.c
  @$(CC) $< $(CFLAGS1) $(INCDIRS) $(CDEFS) -Em 2>>$(LOG) \
  | sed -e '/\.\c/d'                                     \
        -e '\%$(INC_TMP)%d'                              \
        -e 's,\($*\).obj[ :]*,$(OBJ_TMP)/\1.o $@ :,g'    \
  | tr -d '\r' > $@ 2>$(@:.dep=.log)
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